Spotlight on Aysun Aydogdu

Feb 17, 2022 | Blog

Aysun is a valued member of our team here at Orbital Project Management.

Let’s call that an understatement.

International Experience

Want to talk diversity? Aysun is multilingual and has earned degrees in both Turkey and the US. From her studies as an English language instructor to her accounting experience, she exhibits a breadth of knowledge coupled with a flexible and comprehensive understanding that makes her unique in the typically linear-thinking, left-brained project management crowd.

Selected from over 50,000 applicants in a multistage interview process, Aysun participated in the Young Guru Academy during college. Through leadership camps and conferences featuring Global 500 CEOs and international partners from renown universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Oxford, Aysun gained invaluable instruction in leadership skills and received the opportunity to enact positive change through volunteer projects in her local communities.

Community Outreach

One volunteer endeavor involved establishing school libraries in socioeconomically-disadvantaged districts, and then providing mentoring to selected 6th grade students on weekends. The students were encouraged to read stories and then write new endings for them, an exercise in developing the skill of changing one’s perspective. Ultimately, this new way of thinking allowed the students to expand their own horizons and to build lives that were much richer than the life stories it seemed were already written for them. As evidence of the program’s success, a number of these mentored students successfully established themselves in education and business in ways that were considered highly unlikely, given their limited means in Turkish society.

Joining our Team

After a few summers spent working in the States as part of an international internship program, Aysun decided to relocate permanently in 2016. She joined OPM in 2021, and has contributed to our growth through both accounting and project coordination duties. She currently coordinates several utility projects for San Diego Gas & Electric as part of the Electrical System Hardening program under their Wildfire Mitigation Plan as well as other Dry Utilities/Applicant Design projects. As an extension of her years spent in leadership and community outreach, Aysun also serves as OPM’s event coordinator for our environmental, STEM, and community projects.

Finding Inclusion

As a former competitive dancer, an avid hiker, and a blossoming nature photographer, Aysun brings a vibrant and engaging presence to our office. When asked what she likes best about our workplace, Aysun replied, “I often just say directly whatever comes to mind…I was afraid I would have to filter myself a lot, but I didn’t have to change a thing about who I am so that they would like me.” She added that sometimes it is difficult to be so far from her family in Turkey, but that they told her they pray she finds people here who treat her well.

They don’t need to worry.

Aysun said the best part of Orbital Project Management is that “they treat me like I am family.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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