Spotlight on Kayla Woodward

Mar 3, 2022 | Blog


Kayla knew how to pivot long before the pandemic made it a buzzword.

Basically a unicorn

Blessed with an innately high adaptability quotient, Kayla “bobbed and weaved” her way from one career to the next.  Beginning with acting at age 5, which spanned into a career lasting decades, she has done everything from hosting karaoke events to becoming the head pastry chef at a prestigious Del Mar restaurant.  (The latter pinnacle she achieved at age 22…and without any formal training.)

Typical Americans spend much of their downtime in front of a screen.  Not Kayla.  She is busy writing television and movie scripts, reading, and solving crossword puzzles. With years of theater experience and triple-threat performance skills, she transitioned from the stage or in front of a camera to daily music and dancing at home when her hours in the office end.

Kayla quickly dismisses the fears that hold many people back from making “risky” decisions.  She embraces opportunities, can easily assess the information or skills she lacks, and commits to learning what she needs to bring herself up to speed.

We witnessed her transition to the energy sector firsthand.

Trust us, it was pretty amazing.

Developing skills

While her higher education focused on Drama, she credits her years of waitressing and restaurant work with honing the skills she can apply to any career.  “Waitressing is really sink or swim for multitasking, thinking on your feet, and interfacing with clients, who are your customers. Working in a restaurant, you learn how to manage chaos. It helped me to become a much more organized person. I learned not to panic, to figure out how to mitigate the issue, and then to respond.”

Those skills are key to her resounding success in her current role as a project coordinator, handling over 30 projects with aggressive timelines. Our CEO describes Kayla as a “Multitasking Queen” with impeccable organization and communication skills.

Kayla enjoys the problem-solving aspects of her work, which can sometimes involve creative resolutions for issues that arise.  Being able to provide valuable information and insights that support the teams in both the office and the field contributes to job satisfaction.  She adds, “I’m a people person, so I love having the ability to help others on a daily basis.”

Getting behind the camera

One of the things we value most in our OPM employees is the full breadth of knowledge, skills, and experience they bring to the table. We understand that sometimes the best person for a job is not necessarily the one with the most years of industry or position-specific experience. In addition to our atypical approach to hiring and capitalizing on a candidate’s full scope of skills, we strive to ensure we provide each employee with a dynamic and enriching workplace experience.

So, in addition to her project coordinator role, Kayla will be tapping into her creative skillset by capturing and producing video content for our community events. We look forward to offering our volunteers a meaningful way to reflect on their hard work and the benefits they bring to the people and communities they serve.

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