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Who Hasn’t Taken Down the Tree Yet?

Jan 5, 2023 | Blog

Don’t worry, there’s still time…

National Take Down the Christmas Tree Day (yes, it’s official) is tomorrow!

Why January 6th


Because January 6th marks the 12th Day of Christmas (or the day after, depending on which group is counting). Some Christians celebrate the Epiphany on the 12th day, the ceremonial day the Wise Men visited the newborn Jesus.

While there is evidence to support wildly different dates and timing for the events, these are the traditional holidays…and we aren’t here to debate religion.

Instead, here are some reminders and suggestions for those of you taking down live trees:


Gather the needles to dry and place in small mesh bags to hang in closets or put in dresser drawers. Balsam needles are especially fragrant. Be sure to dry needles thoroughly before placing into bags to prevent mold. You can dry using a dehydrator, an oven set to 150 degrees, or placing in a thin layer on mesh screens in a dry area of your home. Crush the bagged dry needles as needed to refresh the scent.

Wildlife Refuge

If you have enough land and local ordinances allow, drag your tree to a safe area on your property to provide cover for wildlife. Birds, rabbits, foxes, and other animals will welcome protection from the elements and predators. The tree will decompose over the years and return valuable nutrients to the soil.


Be sure to remove all lights, ornaments, and hooks from the tree before dragging it to the curb or dropping it off at a local recycling facility. Keeping green waste out of landfill is a best practice for the environment. Some cities offer specific days for curbside pickup, so be sure to check ahead and not miss them.


Happy New Year!

May 2023 bring all you hope for as well as many opportunities for learning, sharing, and helping others.


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