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Don’t Turn Your Ladder into a Stairway to Heaven

Mar 18, 2024 | Blog

Spring is in the air. 


Time for those deep cleaning and Home &  Garden maintenance projects to get underway. 


Enter:  Annual ladder safety training


I’m just spitballing here…


But one has to wonder where the RISK = HAZARD x EXPOSURE equation breaks down. And I’m willing to venture a guess that one of the situations deals with ladders.


As a nurse and a DIYer, I’ve had my fair share of exposure to ladder-related incidents and injuries. By and large, they occurred for people who have less-frequent ladder exposure 🙋‍♀️ (Yeah, that’s me). Perhaps it is time to rewrite the basic risk equation to account for knowledge and experience factors, because those who are accustomed to ladder use don’t seem to suffer injuries as often.


Education vs. Experience


Our PMPs at Orbital Project Management oversee projects that often deal with construction or other high-risk jobsites. So, while our employees aren’t the ones climbing ladders, they are better prepared to understand jobsite needs based on safe ladder use.


From the types of ladders needed (e.g. non-conductive, style, length) to use restrictions (inclement weather, height clearance, substrate modifications, etc), our employees receive training on ladder safety. Without regular exposure to ladders in the field, repeated training allows for a basic understanding of risks associated with the projects they manage.


Because, as any PM knows:




Time invested in education and injury prevention pays off in spades. So, when our office-working employees take time to learn about construction hazards such as safe ladder use, we consider it time well spent. While we aren’t aiming for an experience-based reduction in risk, we can boost odds in our favor from the education factor.


When was the last time you were up on a ladder?


If it’s been a hot second, consider reviewing ladder safety tips such as the correct type of ladder to use, having someone with you in case of a fall or reduced ladder stability, the appropriate distance placement of the base from the structure you intend to ascend…

Yeah, there’s an equation for that, too.


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