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Spotlight on Katheryn Fleming

Jan 23, 2023 | Blog

One Heck of a Gap Year

What began as a post-grad gap year before law school soon became a learn-as-you-go project management career for Katheryn. Taking a break after a strenuous Political Science and International Relations double major, with time spent overseas for language immersion in Seville as part of her Spanish minor, Katheryn decided to “just work for a year” before continuing toward her United Nations attorney goal.

Her performance as an executive admin at an engineering firm in Los Angeles exceeded expectations, resulting in additional duties from coordinating equipment rentals and developing a cohesive usage/maintenance tracking system to technical writing, and project coordination and management. One year turned into five, her Los Angeles base transitioned to one in San Diego, and she is just getting started.


Positive Change

With a core value of wanting to contribute to improvements in communities, whether local or global, Katheryn enjoys the challenge of learning something new and the satisfaction that comes from collaborating with other team members “to piece things together from A to Z” while providing functional and sustainable solutions.

Katheryn’s experience in proposals, estimating, pre-construction, design, fielding, project controls, budgets, and scheduling has strengthened her understanding of the range of skills and knowledge required for a team to effectively deliver on infrastructure projects. Working in the electric, gas, and construction markets has offered Katheryn enough diversity to broaden her skillset, while simultaneously revealing that there is always something additional to learn.


Work-Life Balance

When she’s not diving into a new realm of project management, Katheryn enjoys traveling to historically-rich locales, cooking and trying new foods, and spending time on the local San Diego beaches with her husband and their dogs.

While she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of revisiting a legal career, Katheryn’s current goal is to master her project management craft and contribute to our team’s work toward effective and efficient delivery of energy to the communities we serve.


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Katheryn Fleming, the newest project manager addition to our team here at OPM.


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