Spotlight on Steve Heffler

May 13, 2022 | Blog

Sometimes your greatest asset is better when you don’t keep it for yourself.


So, we at Orbital Project Management finally learned how to share.

Let’s be honest…

Sharing is one of life’s toughest lessons, one that some people never quite master. But the last couple of years have taught us a thing or two.

Steve Heffler is a rarity in the energy sector. With decades of experience from hands-on technical training in nuclear generation to managing regional grid operations, he understands power from the literal nuts and bolts of infrastructure through the environmental and geopolitical nuances of our industry.


Plot twist


When companies realize the impact Steve can have on their projects, they ask to borrow him.  At first, it was a little weird.

That wasn’t the plan when we launched OPM into the energy-sector stratosphere. Steve was our beyond-capable lead project manager. We could tackle any project that came our way.

And then it hit us… 

He’s overqualified. We were squandering our greatest resource.

Steve’s breadth and depth of knowledge are sorely needed in our evolving national energy landscape. Because OPM is committed to the delivery of environmentally-sound, reliable, and affordable power to customers across the country, we realized the right thing to do.


Everyone wins


We are officially expanding our consulting services to a broader geographic area.

(Yes, that means yours.)

We see your inspiring energy projects on the horizon across the nation. And, like you, we have witnessed the system failures and natural disasters, and have identified the parts that were preventable. 

From Navy Nuke to Superintendent overseeing a 6200-square mile grid encompassing multiple high-risk cities, Steve is wired for this. Research, planning, design, budgeting, presenting, implementation, troubleshooting…

He deftly manages it all (or can advise you how to).

Once, Steve received a call from one very unhappy Army general about the national security implications of taking down “his” sector of the grid during a high-risk fire event. With his easy-going style and solution-oriented approach, Steve transitioned the complaint to an impromptu consultation on a solid plan for off-grid backup for the secret military installation.

That’s how he operates.


The Big Picture


His intelligence, adaptability, and ability to objectively navigate the layers of competing priorities with an informed and balanced approach makes Steve an invaluable consultant on both new and retrofit projects.

Having pioneered the PRiME model for fire-threat districts, Steve was involved from the CPUC-mandated sampling instruction and replacement material selection to project completion while meeting all scope, schedule, and budget targets.

Recently, he spearheaded the strategic undergrounding of utilities in Southern California’s at-risk regions. His direction of OPM staff led to centralized processes and procedures, creation of visuals with subject matter experts to unify the team’s global understanding, and the provision of real-time data analytics for efficient decision making.

Steve has the remarkable ability to grasp the big picture of the largest-scale projects and ensure that the entire team is well informed and operating effectively and efficiently.

If your company is embarking on an ambitious energy sector project that could benefit from Steve’s review and insights, feel free to reach out to us here.


P.S.  Want to know why we’re willing to share?

        We’re committed to your customers, too.

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