Battling Inflation with… Hydroponics?

Mar 11, 2022 | Blog


Unless you Rip Van Winkled your way through the past few months, you know just how far your dollars don’t go anymore.  From gas lanes to grocery stores, prices continue to soar.

The power of home gardens

As every summer gardener knows, nothing beats the convenience, flavor, and cost savings of growing your own food. The satisfaction that comes from harvesting backyard produce runs deep. Not to mention the beneficial impact of reducing your family’s carbon footprint by limiting the distribution chain from farm to table.

But what if you don’t have the time or space to plant and maintain a backyard garden?

What if you’re a solo apartment dweller with no viable traditional garden options?

Enter hydroponics.


Not an indoor swimming pool

We’re not talking about those early models of huge open tanks and complex setup requirements. You remember seeing photos of hydroponic basement monstrosities that had major flood and mold risk?  Yeah, not that.

New products such as The Farmstand from Lettuce Grow allow you to plant and harvest in a tiny footprint with minimal time commitment. With an adjustable-height option based on the number of plants you need, The Farmstand can be adapted from a single-person household to a family without taking up additional precious floor space.

Gardening indoors? Not a problem. Add the optional Glow Rings light source, and you can turn just about any climate-controlled space into a tower of food-producing wonderment.

How hydroponics measures up

The Farmstand boasts minimal water requirements per plant versus traditional gardening methods. And since indoor setups won’t need to be weeded or managed for insect pests, they estimate about 5 minutes per week for maintenance. (Trust us, that beats the heck out of traditional gardening time and energy needs.)

While the initial investment in a family-size system may seem hefty at first glance…

Take a look at your grocery bills for the last couple of months and see how quickly your homegrown produce will pay for itself.

Even more, this garden alternative:

? Can be planted indoors any time of year

? Doesn’t quit when fall frosts hit

? Allows for easy transition to different plants

? Will produce year-round edibles for years to come

? Comes with foolproof maintenance instructions

A stewardship philosophy

Ultimately, every choice we make as consumers has a ripple effect impacting more than our own cost-benefit outcome. From sourcing to product end life, each step from production to discardment affects our environment and the people in it.  So, we did some poking around on Lettuce Grow to see what their commitments are…

And, we’re impressed:  From their recycled plastic sourcing (nearly 1/2 million milk jugs, to date) to their recyclable product when it reaches end of life, they get it right.

They don’t stop there. As a Pay-it-Forward initiative, for every ten units sold Lettuce Grow donates one to schools and non-profits. This allows the benefits of fresh gardening to reach a community that otherwise would be unable to afford the opportunity.


We volunteer as Tribute

Because we at Orbital Project Management are the curious (and ridiculously busy) type, we had to give this indoor gardening system a try for ourselves.

Our Farmstand tower arrived and assembled easily. The seedlings were delivered this week and got “planted” in their new hydroponic home. 

Just in time for the upcoming National Plant a Flower Day on Saturday, March 12th, we have some some strawberry plants taking root among our herbs and vegetables.

Because, as every homegrown gardener knows…

The best flowers are the ones that produce edible fruit!


Ready to dive in?

As a new Farmstand owner, we can pass on savings of $50 off for up to 3 new customers per month.

If you’re ready to garden alongside us, feel free to use our FRIEND-GLSP discount code at checkout.


Don’t miss out!

Like any proud parent, we can tell just by looking at our tiny seedlings that they are destined for greatness.

If you want to keep up with our garden yield stories and other news, follow us at


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