EI and Your Project’s Bottom Line

Jun 16, 2022 | Blog


Are you aware of the impact emotional intelligence [EI] has on your team’s ability to deliver quality results on time and within budget?

Potential issues from weather, supply chain, logistics, and other material factors are accounted for in any well-planned project timeline and budget. 

Yet, it’s the more wieldy, less tangible issues and the delays they cause that can insidiously drive budgets and timelines into the red zone.


EI is an Ability

While there’s no replacing industry experience for the technical side of project management, it’s the firm with the added bonus of emotionally intelligent staff that can shift efficiency and public perception in the right direction. 

At the end of the day, moving a project forward depends on people. From the customer providing authorization and the agency rep processing the permit to the engineer communicating with the field crews and the construction manager reporting on progress…

The greater the buy-in and satisfaction of each individual, the greater their propensity to provide excellent and timely assistance. 

You Can’t Fake It

Emotional intelligence is transparent and honest. It marries empathy and compassion with effective communication skills. Individuals with high emotional intelligence establish rapport with others easily, developing trust that appears to exceed expectations. 

Your project needs this.

Unfortunately, in the realm of KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities), EI is an ability that isn’t easily learned. Whether nature or nuture got in the way, some people have “unlearning” to do to tap into effective EI.

If you find someone with this natural gift, utilize it.


The Hidden Power of Soft Science

Industry infrastructure is steeped in physical sciences, yet the soft sciences from psychology and sociology to politics and journalism hold incredible power over project budgets and timelines. It’s time to start paying attention to their role beyond project approval.

Having an EI-skilled project management team can shift the perception and efficiency of your entire project…if you empower them to lead communications.

This isn’t to say that every individual involved or impacted by the project will cooperate or support it, but having the willingness to acknowledge EI as having exceptional value, and allowing individuals gifted with the ability to navigate for you, can deliver hefty rewards. 

From reducing short delays caused by a simple lack of cooperation to eliminating costly and lengthy ones when legal action is required, your emotionally-intelligent project management staff can exceed targets and protect budgets.


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