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In Honor of Your Dream, Dr. King

Jan 16, 2023 | Blog


We’re working on it.

But decades after your ultimate sacrifice, we still haven’t figured out how to make your dream come true.


True Change

We’ve come a long way since you stood at the podium in 1963 and delivered these stirring words, but we haven’t arrived.

This is what we have learned:

As a society, we can make changes, rules, and laws that seek to bring equality.

But true change comes down to the hearts and minds of individuals. Loving kindness and acceptance of one another is an inside job. How we raise our children and instill the fundamentals of your dream into their daily lives is where the shift must occur.


Recognizing Fear

Progress is being blocked by fear…so much fear.

Fear of the unfamiliar

Fear of the mistruths we’ve been told

Fear that there isn’t enough equality to go around

Fear of retribution for centuries of mistreatment


The Power of One

Awareness of the thoughts and feelings we carry within ourselves, reaching out to others who are different than we are, and embracing opportunities to improve equality one person and one situation at a time is within each of our power.

Rest in peace, Dr. King.

We’re still working on it.


DEI in the Workplace

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