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The Willy Wonka of STEM for Students

Jul 22, 2022 | Blog


When considering community outreach projects for the year, we look for options that will have a positive impact on our community and the environment. As an energy sector company, we also support STEM initiatives in education.


The Search Was On

For over a year, we considered a number of local STEM camps where we could sponsor attendance for students. The options we found missed the mark for one reason or another: day camp only with tough commute times or distances for parents, emphasis on gaming over other technologies, relatively high price for the offerings…

We changed our search parameters.

We kept our standards.

And, we struck STEM camp gold!


Our New Partner

Drumroll, please…

We are proud to announce Orbital Project Management’s STEM outreach project for 2022:

Blast Off 2 AstroCamp

If you haven’t heard of AstroCamp, you’re missing out. They have engineered an ideal mix of fun and education in a breathtaking mountain setting. While it may not have the chocolate river or rocket-style elevator of the real Willy Wonka Factory, it comes pretty darn close.

Check out the video on their website for a glimpse into their STEM adventure world:

While it’s a good drive for many San Diego County families, it has everything we were hoping for…including a week-long sleepaway program. (You’re welcome, parents.)


How to Enter

One lucky 5th or 6th grade student from San Diego County will hold the Golden Ticket for an entire week of STEM magic in the mountains of Idyllwild, California.

Public school parents can keep an eye out this fall for announcements from your student’s school. Parents of private, charter, and homeschooled students may visit our website and apply when the application opens this October. 

There is no cost to submit an application (limit one per eligible student). The winner will be selected by random drawing from all valid entries in February 2023. 

OPM is picking up the tab for tuition.

Parents only need to provide transportation to/from camp in summer 2023.

Are you excited?


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